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Mark Your Calendars - Where We'll Be This Month
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We've had some fun outings recently in the favorable weather. This month brings us back indoors for our Fort Worth IT Professionals Meeting, and we'll be lunching and learning at The Fort Worth Club, downtown, as well.

Be sure you're checking our Events page and keeping an eye out for updates on our social media pages for where we'll be this summer. If you haven't "liked" us on Facebook, or followed us on Twitter and LinkedIn, do so right now to get word of fun events, helpful tech tips and useful info for small businesses. Here's where we'll be this month:

  • Wednesday, June 18th from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. - If you're an IT Professional in the Fort Worth area, join us back at the Blue Mesa Grill in Fort Worth for a special presentation by Infragard!  Join our Fort Worth IT Professionals group on LinkedIn and get the scoop.
  • Wednesday, June 25th – Want to find out how your small business might be best served by social media? The Fulcrum Group will be hosting a Lunch & Learn especially for those who are looking for expert marketing tips and insight on how social media can best serve your business at the Fort Worth Club in downtown Fort Worth.  Our Events page has more information, RSVP form and the downloadable invite.  Register today and bring a friend - we hope to see you there!  

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Want A Truly "Worry-Free" Vacation?
One of Fulcrum Group’s dictums is “when you go on vacation, we want you to vacate!”  Isn’t the point of recharging your batteries to fully recharge?  If you’re one of those who typically needs a vacation from the return-from-vacation chaos, we’ve got some great tips for you.


  1. Email prep might include glancing through your email to prioritize and delegate responsibilities before you leave. Beyond creating an standard “out of office” email notification for incoming mail, address things other people can be taking care of in your absence, prioritize your tasks and take full advantage of the functionality your office applications provide.  Task lists can be built in Outlook, or you can organize your email inbox with folders (which you can manually move email messages to, or create rules to auto-forward messages to certain folders), so upon your return, much of the new mail in your inbox is actually new.
  1.  Prepare your office phone.  Change your office phone and/or cell phone greeting.
    Be sure to specify who people can contact in your absence and a great idea is to ‘share the burden of followup’ with them by requesting they follow up with you, when you're back at the office, on whichever day it is. Perhaps tantrums from disgruntled colleagues can be avoided if you remind them that your out of office message requested they followup with you upon your arrival back.  Great Unified Communication (UC) products like Digium’s Switchvox phone system has useful features including rule-making to autoforward incoming calls to a backup number when you’re out of the office.  The Fulcrum Group can even preprogram your holiday schedule right into your Switchvox phone system, so that your phones will auto-rollover to your holiday greeting or ‘out of office’ greeting of choice.   Very important - do remember to keep things professional by changing your cell or office phone greeting back upon your return.
  1. Preparing your IT department adequately for your absence couldn’t be simpler if your IT department is The Fulcrum Group.  As a SPOT Managed IT Services client, there’s no need to worry about your IT.  We’ve already got you covered.  If you’re not a SPOT Managed IT Services client, you can reach out to us to arrange temporary coverage for your IT.  We offer an array of custom solutions to meet your technology needs.  Contact us before your next opportunity to vacate and truly have a worry-free time.

You Might Be A Good Fit For SPOT Managed IT Services If...


Let us at Fulcrum Group adopt our best collective redneck-voice and attempt the weird-but-fun feat of doing both Jeff Foxworthy and David Letterman proud with this fun Top 12 list.
The Fulcrum Group presents…You might be a Good Fit For SPOT Managed IT Services If…

12. Your office manager doubles as your IT person…at least.

11. Said IT person didn’t used to run around like a madperson, before IT tasks were dropped in his/her lap.

10. You’d rather be running after new business, than running around after tech issues.

9. Your current IT provider only calls you back after 3 days…and then, the conversation includes frequent “I’m sorry, that’s not our responsibility,“ statements.

8. You ask your current IT provider to furnish you with a copy of your system documentation and they respond, “what’s that…?”

7. You notify your IT provider that your system is down.

6. You find yourself clocking more hours on the phone with office technology vendors than talking to your customers.

5. The last round of finger-pointing between all your technology vendors is the last round you ever want to go through.

4. Even if you were an octopus, it’s doubtful you could get your arms around your IT budget.

3. The thought of coming into your office with your network down one more time makes that truck-bed-hillbilly-pool in the picture seem like a little slice of heaven.

2. You’ve ever asked your IT provider “when was the last time your network was patched?” – and they don’t know how to respond.

And the number one reason you might be a good fit for SPOT Managed IT Services…

1. You’d really, really love just one single point of contact for all things IT.

Contact us today. We can help.

Spotlight On...Aaron Wise


We are serious about Fulcrum Group clients being able to count on their IT running as intended. So much, we’ve put Aaron Wise at the helm as Fulcrum Group vCIO (Virtual CIO) to act as CIO for all of our SPOT Managed IT Services clients.

Aaron makes sure technology needs of our clients are aligned with business goals and objectives and that their technology makes the most of, rather than monopolizes, our clients’ precious time.

Recently versed in Switchvox Unified Communication solutions, clients can be assured when speaking with Aaron, that he clearly understands how deploying this technology can positively impact businesses. And if you want to bring up Aaron’s pending nuptials – or possibly one better, the topic of sports (he’s coached youth baseball, football, even select volleyball) – you probably couldn’t go wrong. Welcome, Aaron!

Did You Know...? Ruckus 802.11ac Wi-Fi Promotional Starter Kit didyouknow


The Ruckus Wireless 802.11ac Wi-Fi Starter Kit allows enterprises to cost effectively deploy next-generation Wi-Fi to support high-client density and BYOD. By deploying Ruckus’ smart Wi-Fi technology with the latest 802.11ac Gigabit Wi-Fi technology, your users will experience the most reliable and consistent Wi-Fi service available.

Download Ruckus Promo PDF here for more details!

MSRP cost for 3025 Controller plus (10) 80211AC access points is $19,890.
Promotional price (67% off) is only $6495, with additional R700 access points at only $499 each! Contact your Fulcrum Group Account Manager to find out how to take advantage of this special offer now!