SPOT Shield Cybersecurity Assessments

Your organization audits your financials every year, right? Why wouldn’t you audit your IT systems, especially from a cybersecurity risk perspective. Don’t just trust that your IT department or Managed IT provider will provide you with an objective view of your cybersecurity posture. Most internal IT departments and Managed IT providers might be good at day-to-day IT, but typically struggle with developing an effective cybersecurity plan. Fulcrum Group’s SPOT Shield Cybersecurity Assessment services are the ideal solution to your Dallas Fort Worth organization’s IT auditing needs.
spot shield baseline

SPOT Shield Baseline Risk Assessment

If your organization does not have a good handle on your cybersecurity posture, we highly recommend that you complete a SPOT Shield Baseline Risk Assessment. This will give you a baseline snapshot of your current cybersecurity posture, along with a cybersecurity risk assessment. This will help your organization focus your limited cybersecurity budget on your highest risk areas.

SPOT Shield Internal Vulnerability Assessment

If your organization has compliance or 3rd party requirements for an internal vulnerability assessment, or if you suspect your organization has a high number of internal cybersecurity vulnerabilities, then the SPOT Shield Internal Vulnerability Assessment is for you. This assessment will generate a list of internal vulnerabilities, along with a critical rating, and detailed instructions on how to remediate each vulnerability.
spot shield internal
spot shield external

SPOT Shield External Penetration Assessment

The same goes for external penetration assessments. There may be a requirement from a compliance or 3rd party for an external penetration assessment. The SPOT Shield External Penetration Assessment provides a detailed assessment of your network’s external attack surface, along with details on how to remediate any external vulnerabilities found.

SPOT Shield Incident Response Plan Development & Table Top Exercise

As Mike Tyson once famously said, everyone has a plan until you’re punched in the mouth. While that may be true, it’s still important to have a plan for a cybersecurity incident response. Most organizations don’t know where to start. Let Fulcrum Group help you develop a detailed Incident Response Plan through our SPOT Shield Incident Response Plan Development service. And once you get your Incident Response Plan put together, it’s a great idea to run it through a regular table top exercise to determine how effective the plan is, and if any changes or updates are needed.

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