STAR Power

star power
Our SPOT Managed IT Services is process driven around something we call STAR Power. The key reason IT support fails is some firms just treat symptoms and never try to anticipate root cause. Our Standards and Technology Alignment Review (STAR) process works to move innovation upstream.
True managed services is more than just “call you back when there is a tech support problem”. Owners and businesses deserve more from their IT outsourcing. You need a plan that matches your business context and industry. You know your business and our process is designed to understand some of those specifics before we try to make any recommendations. The result is an annual plan of staged changes or improvements.

Does your network and IT support seem fine but eventually get slow and require a complete overhaul every 3 to 5 years? That is not a technology problem, that is a process issue. That is why our clients see our STAR Power process deliver on the managed services promise. The promise that choosing Fulcrum Group as your strategic partner makes you the hero around the office. Let us start working with you on building and tuning your plan. Call us today to learn more.

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Key elements of our Standards and Technology Alignment Review process include:

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Trust the Process

The STAR Power process is somewhat based on the concept of DevOps from the software industry. DevOps 2.0 recommends that developers work with users, managers and other front-line personnel so software can be developed quicker and maximize value. And complement uniqueness with standards-based networking habits.