Fulcrum Group Q1 2022 Lunch & Learn
Microsoft 365 Price Increase – What to Know

Fulcrum Group Q1 Microsoft Price Increase flyer

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February 15th from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Microsoft to Increase Prices for Microsoft 365 in 2022”…
Maybe you’ve seen it in the headlines lately, or maybe this is the first time you’ve heard about it.  While no one is excited about a price increase, Microsoft has been adding new features and functionality over the past 10 years, so an increase is due.

Join Fulcrum and Microsoft on Tuesday, February 15th, 2022 to learn how your business can prepare for the upcoming Microsoft 365 price increase.  We’ll also cover some of the new features of Microsoft 365 that you might not know about.   And an opportunity to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card!

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