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Tired of tech headaches? Our expert team at SPOT Managed IT Services is here to safeguard your business from IT woes. Enjoy hassle-free operations while we handle the rest!

SPOT Managed IT Services is the ideal IT Outsourcing solution for Dallas Fort Worth business owners, 

IT Process

Here at The Fulcrum Group, we tend to think of IT as a process. When there are IT problems, they are likely just a breakdown in the IT process. Your server crashed and it was down for a week? That likely means that your Executive team didn’t communicate the business requirements for server uptime to your IT team. We focus on understanding your business requirements and business risk to align your technology with your business requirements and goals. This leads to BETTER IT RESULTS.

Current Results

If your current IT results looks like the list below, then let’s schedule a time to talk!

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Our Clients Enjoy…

Our SPOT Managed IT Services delivers predictable results to our Dallas Fort Worth clients.


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20+ years history of delivering better IT results to our clients

We deliver better, more predictable IT results to our hundreds of clients, whether its day to day IT support, IT projects, or cloud services. Our team has certified technicians, and we only work with the best vendors in the IT sector today.


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What’s Included in SPOT Managed IT Services?

Think of SPOT Managed IT Services as your day to day IT support for Dallas Fort Worth small businesses, healthcare practices, non-profits, and local government agencies. SPOT stands for “Single Point Of Technology” and represents the “buck stops here” for all IT support needs.

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Day to day IT support that delivers better IT results

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What is SPOT

“Single Point of

Star Power

Align Technology with
Business Requirements

SPOT Platform

Patching, End Point Protection, Monitoring & Alerting, Remote Control, Ticketing, Security Awareness Training

Vendor Liaison

Warranties, Vendor Liaison

Reactive Support

Unlimited On-Site Support, Service Desk Phone Support 6 am to 6 pm Mon-Fri

Proactive STAR Visit

Standards Checklist, Business Alignment Score Card


Online IT Documentation Portal, SOPs

CIO Strategy

QRSs, Tech Roadmaps, Budgets, CIO Consulting

Proactive Support Reduces Cyber Risk