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Get information ready for search, put key prerequisites in place, and assign licenses to prepare for the next transformation in how we work with Microsoft 365 Copilot.

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Perform the Copilot for Microsoft 365 Optimization Assessment

Optimization Assessment The assessment is designed to understand your current licensing profile, your collaboration tools, sensitive data handling, and security controls implemented today in your organization, helping you identify a clear path to deploying Copilot for Microsoft 365. The assessment consists of 26 questions and takes about 30 minutes to complete.

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User Enablement Work-stream

    1. Get Your Organization’s Information Ready for Search:

      • Secure exec sponsorship, create AI Council, and define RAI principles
      • Identify success owners, Champions, and early adopter cohorts
      • Detail high value scenarios and personas
      • Be intentional with assignment and concentrate seats
      • Define success criteria, KPIs, and success measurement plan
      • Ensure Just Enough Access permissions are in place for the information users need. This is a best practice, whether you plan to deploy Copilot or not.
      • Use tools to monitor how information is accessed and shared, and set the right permissions1.
    2. Put Copilot Prerequisites in Place:

      • Identify success owners, Champions, and early adopter cohortsEnsure the right Microsoft cloud apps and services are running for each user with access to Copilot.
    3. Assign Copilot Licensing:

      • Provide users and groups with Microsoft 365 Copilot licenses.
    4. Establish a Center of Excellence (COE):

      • Create a COE for internal users to share experiences, ask questions, and optimize results.

    Remember, Copilot respects user-specific permissions and generates responses based on information users explicitly have permission to access. 🚀12

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Technical Readiness Workstream

Ensuring Technical Readiness For Copilot in Microsoft 365 7 2048
Ensuring Technical Readiness For Copilot in Microsoft 365 6 2048

Need help preparing for Copilot 365?

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Fulcrum Copilot Launcpad

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Onboard and Engage

Complete User Enablement Strategy training Define user experience and feedback strategy Design and deploy training and engagement community (Center of Excellence/Champion Platform)

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Extend and Optimized

Deliver business process transformation with Copilot Studio, plugins, and connectors Drive group and cross-organizational productivity and innovation

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Deliver Impact

AI Tailored functionalities base on your Business path Growth