Weekly Tech Tip: Remote Laptop Wipe

If your work laptop is lost or stolen, did you know that the sensitive data on that laptop could fall into the wrong hands? Reach out to us to learn about remote wipe tools that can protect your data.

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Weekly Tech Tip: Tech Product Shortages

Due to the global pandemic and other factors, 2021 has seen a severe delay and constraint in tech products due to chip shortages. Let us help you plan out your tech products needs to ensure you have what you need when you need it.

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Weekly Tech Tip: Protecting Your Smartphone

Malware and other cybersecurity threats such as phishing can harm your smartphone. Watch this video for tips on protecting your smartphone.

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Weekly Tech Tip: OneDrive Mobile Scanning

One issue with working from home - no printer or scanner. OneDrive solves the scanning part by adding scanning capability right from your mobile device.

Contact The Fulcrum Group if you'd like to learn more about Microsoft 365's OneDrive and how it can assist your teams.

Weekly Tech Tip: Password Managers

Password managers solve an important security problem for businesses.
3 ways password managers can improve your team's productivity & Security:

Auto login gives your team fast access to sites and services.
Stronger password generation - they can provide suggestions for stronger passwords that can help prevent future attacks, improving your business security.

Weekly Tech Tip: Adding Audio To PowerPoint

Adding Audio such as music and voiceovers to your PowerPoint presentations can improve the professionalism of your presentations, making them more memorable, so you can win more business.

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Weekly Tech Tip: Microsoft Office 365 Mobile Apps

It is more critical than ever that we're able to access the tools we need to do our jobs. If you or your team need to work remotely, Microsoft Office 365 has got your back.

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Weekly Tech Tip: Working From Home

One of the challenges of this past year of Work From Home has been training employees to use new, unfamiliar software to do their jobs remotely.  If you (or your team members) have struggled with this, you are not alone!

Reach out to us if you would like assistance.

Office 365 Micro Tech Tip: Getting The Most From Cortana’s Daily Briefing

Today, The Fulcrum Group is excited to premier our new Office 365 Micro Tech Tips! 

Our Office 365 Micro Tech Tip series features 3 minutes-or-less video tips on how to do cool stuff in Office 365, presented by a Fulcrum Group team member.  A few times a month, we'll share quick micro-servings of easily consumable, helpful information on how to get the most from Office 365.  Be on the lookout for these regularly - we hope you'll share them with your team, colleagues and others to enhance everyone's grasp of Office 365!

Without further adieu, here's today's Office 365 Micro Tech Tip: Getting The Most From Cortana's Daily Briefing.

Review: Apple’s New AirTags for Tracking Your Stuff

Have you seen Apple’s new AirTags to track where your stuff is? We can see them being handy on suitcases, keys and all sorts of things. Will you get any?

Here's a quick breakdown.
Should I buy an Apple AirTag?
Sure, if you:

Want clear directions to misplaced items
The Precision Finding feature makes it far easier to locate misplaced items than just listening for the sound of the AirTag, thanks to the on-screen directions and distance countdown, and it’s currently the only location tracker on the market that offers such a feature

Are concerned about privacy
Apple has embedded several privacy features into AirTags to ensure they can’t be misused; from having your iPhone or iPad alert you if an unknown AirTag is travelling around with you, to ensuring that you can’t set up an AirTag on behalf of anyone else.