Now’s the Time to Complete Your Cybersecurity Training

As we hurtle towards the end of the year, everyone is on their Q4 sprint trying to close out the year as strong as possible. Close those last deals. Finish up and bill those last projects. But it’s also Holiday season – time for shopping (especially online) and spending time with family and friends.

It’s also the top time of the year for scammers. They have been begun using AI to make their scams harder to detect. Some of the top scams this year include:

  • Non-Delivery scams – where you pay for goods or services you find online, but you never receive your items
  • Non-payment scams – where you ship purchased goods or services, but you never receive payment for them
  • Auction fraud – where a product you purchase was misrepresented on an auction site
  • Gift card fraud – where a seller asks you to pay with a pre-paid card
  • IRS/Tax scams – fraudulent schemes involving email and text messages promising tax refunds or to “fix” tax problems, as well as promises of a new round of stimulus checks

These scams can impact not only your employees but also your business. If your company has an End User Security Awareness Training program, it’s a good time to get your employees to complete not only their annual training, but any available “micro trainings” on the latest scams and threats.

If you are interested in learning how Fulcrum Group can help you put together a End User Cybersecurity Awareness training program, schedule a complimentary meeting to discuss.