Sangoma Phone – new desktop softphone app – here’s how to install it

Sangoma just released their new desktop softphone app, now called Sangoma Phone.  It’s a game changer!

To install the new softphone, you might need to uninstall your old Switchvox softphone if you have a version less than 3.0.0 installed.  I found on my machine that I had both the old version and new version, so go to Add/Remove Programs to search.

February Educational Video: 2 Tests for a New IT Provider

When something goes wrong, you definitely want a responsive help desk from your IT provider.

With our clients, we're there for them when things go wrong. And that’s having a highly responsive helpdesk.  When you’re looking for a new IT support provider, here are 2 tests for their helpdesk.

Some of your staff REALLY want to work from home permanently. Here’s how you can make it happen.

Remote working has really come of age in the last two years. Many people have loved it, while others realized they preferred an office environment. But would you guess at how many people would like to make remote working a permanent option?  According to a new report, a whopping 96% of employees want to solely work from home, even when the pandemic is over.

Weekly Tech Tip: Data Breaches Will Lose You Clients

If your business is the victim of a cybercrime, it’s not just money and productivity you’ll lose. It’s also reputation and trust. Check out this week's video tip and find out why.

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