5 Tips To Keep Your Kids Safe Online This Summer

Reprinted from The US Department of Homeland Security Cyber Awareness Campaign June 2017 Newsletter You teach your children to wear helmets when they ride bikes and sunscreen when they’re outside, but are you also teaching them to be safe online? … Continued

How To Setup Outlook on an Android Device

Instructions contributed by Dale Hauser   Before setting up email on your Android, please make sure it is connected to Wi-Fi. Click on Settings on your phone Click Accounts | Add Account The Add Account screen will appear. Click on … Continued

Security Alert: Cloak and Dagger Android

Security Alert:  Android “Cloak & Dagger” Vulnerability Uncovered “Cloak and dagger” is a new kind of vulnerability affecting Android mobile devices (including the latest Android version, 7.1.2).  The vulnerability was discovered by computer scientists at Georgia Institute of Technology.  “Attacks allow … Continued

8 Tips For Successfully Managing Your IT Vendors

Successful IT Vendor Management   One of the most time-consuming tasks in day-to-day business operations for CEOs and IT Managers is bringing about a successful process of IT vendor management.  These resources might include everyone from software and telecom vendors, Internet Service Providers, to Cloud … Continued