MSPs aren’t Cyber Forensics or Incident Response Specialists

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If you’re a small business, you likely work with some type of outsourced IT, such as a Managed Services Provider (MSP), or some variation thereof. MSPs are awesome for providing a variety of skilled resources to meet all of your day-to-day IT support needs, without breaking the bank. But because of their skill sets and cost savings, that means they are not equipped to handle Cyber Forensics or Incident Response in the event of a cyber-attack.

You might ask, “Well, why aren’t they equipped to handle Cyber Forensics and Incident Response if we get cyber attacked”? Below are the primary reasons.

  • Cyber Forensics is a Specialty Skill – Most MSPs have a variety of personnel trained to handle day to day IT needs – end user IT support, network administration, cloud management, platform management (backups, patching, end point protection, monitoring, etc.), and Virtual CIO. The skills to handle Cyber Forensics are very specialized, and the salary for someone with these skills is much higher than an MSP can afford.
  • Incident Response requires an “all hands on deck” mentality in response to a Cyber-Attack – MSPs keep costs low for their clients by maintaining just enough staff to handle the day-to-day IT needs while keeping a small bench of resources to respond to emergencies. When responding to a Cyber Attack, MSPs can provide a limited amount of resources.

The good news is that there is help for your small business when it comes to responding to Cyber Attacks. Cyber Insurance to the rescue! Cyber Insurance is critical to any small business. Cyber Insurance also includes access to resources such as Cyber Forensics experts and Incident Response specialists. If you don’t have Cyber Insurance, now is the time to get it. If you need a recommendation on a great Cyber Insurance agent in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, let us know.