SPOT Cybersecurity Tip: Anatomy of a Cyber Attack

Good news for small businesses - Cybercriminals are not targeting you. But another type of criminal gang called Initial Access Brokers (IABs) whose sole purpose is to gain remote access to businesses' IT systems and sell this access to Cybercriminals is trying to gain access.

May Educational Video: How To Plan A Big IT Project

If you have business systems that feel like they need bringing into the 2020s, you might be thinking about a major IT project.

And that can mean a big commitment – of time, money, effort and headspace.

Watch our latest video for the three things to get straight in your mind before you involve the experts.

SPOT Cybersecurity Tip: Cyber Attackers are Accelerating & Defenders Can’t Keep Up

From the latest Sophos State of Cybersecurity 2023 Report: The study revealed that today’s reality is a two-speed cybersecurity system with adversaries and defenders moving at different speeds. Through automation, cybercrime “as-a-service” models, stealthy impersonation, and adaptation, adversaries are accelerating and can now execute a wide range of sophisticated attacks at scale.

What’s New in Microsoft 365 Tip: OneNote & AI – Note Taking Reimagined

Microsoft announced last week that Microsoft 365 Copilot is coming to OneNote. This powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool combines the power of large language models (LLMs) with your data from the Microsoft Graph—notes, calendars, emails, chats, documents, meetings, and more—and the Microsoft 365 apps to turn your words into a powerful productivity tool.