What’s New in Microsoft 365 Tip: Microsoft Teams Getting Big Performance Boost

What's New In Microsoft 365 Tip

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I spend 3-5 hours per day in Microsoft Teams meetings. It is the single most important communication tool that I use, even more than my desk phone or smart phone. And sometimes its buggy and slow performance have a negative impact on my productivity (and sanity).

Microsoft is preparing to roll out a preview of Microsoft Teams 2.0 to Teams users in March. Performance improvements include less memory and CPU usage resulting in better battery life on laptops.

The key to the performance improvements is a project that Microsoft has been working on for some time, rebuilding the Teams client in Microsoft's new Webview 2 architecture. Microsoft says that the new Webview2 architecture will be key for future Teams improvements.

The improvements should mean that the Teams client will open faster and will also feel more responsive when you're presenting or responding to messages. Look for the new Teams client to also address many of the complaints around Teams performance, especially on older laptops.

The new Teams client will be available as a preview in late March and will include a toggle to switch back to the current version of Teams if issues pop up.

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