Review: Apple’s New AirTags for Tracking Your Stuff

Review:  Apple’s New AirTags for Tracking Your Stuff
Have you seen Apple’s new AirTags to track where your stuff is? We can see them being handy on suitcases, keys and all sorts of things. Will you get any?
Here's a quick breakdown.

Should I buy an Apple AirTag?

Sure, if you:

Want clear directions to misplaced items
The Precision Finding feature makes it far easier to locate misplaced items than just listening for the sound of the AirTag, thanks to the on-screen directions and distance countdown, and it’s currently the only location tracker on the market that offers such a feature

Are concerned about privacy
Apple has embedded several privacy features into AirTags to ensure they can’t be misused; from having your iPhone or iPad alert you if an unknown AirTag is travelling around with you, to ensuring that you can’t set up an AirTag on behalf of anyone else.

Want to personalize the look
With compatible loops and key fobs available in a range of colors and finishes, including leather and silicone, you can very easily customize the look of an AirTag to suit what outfit or accessories.

Nah, take a pass if you:

Are on a budget
At $29, the AirTag is similarly priced to other location trackers on the market, but if you want to attach them to keys, bags or anything else you’ll need to purchase an optional strap or keyfob, which in the case of Apple’s own accessories carries the same or a higher price tag, making these an expensive means of reuniting yourself with misplaced items.

Have an Android device
There’s no way of setting up and using an AirTag with an Android smartphone or tablet, so if you don’t have an iOS device, then AirTags aren’t for you.

Want to share your location tracker
Being able to give a family member access to a location tracker can definitely help speed up tracking down your misplaced item, especially if you think it’s still at home and someone else can check for you. However, that’s not something AirTags offer, unlike rival Tile.

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