Cybersecurity is Now Essential to Corporate Strategy

Cybersecurity is Now Essential to Corporate Strategy
The Covid-19 pandemic forced the immediate transition to a remote work scenario for many businesses. This resulted in an increase in the importance of cybersecurity, resulting in cybersecurity becoming the foundation of business and brand.

What's behind cybersecurity's predominance?  Here are a few reasons:

  1. We moved to an almost entirely remote life - many users working from home, and using their own devices. This is true across the board, over many industries, in  small, medium or large organizations.
  2. For consumers, the move to remote life meant customers and clients have also become more vigilant and concerned about their own digital security. As larger cultural awareness on data breaches increased, it raised the expectations of the type of security posture that was needed for them to partner with or purchase from a company.
  3. Pre-pandemic, we often saw businesses prioritize product development over security. After all, products generate revenue while security is often seen as slowing things down. As a result, companies didn’t fully understand the risks their business was under or the importance of their tech infrastructure. The reality is that if your business collects, uses or engages with online data, you are responsible for its safety.

A company’s cybersecurity posture and reputation is quickly becoming the foundation for its success.  A strong investment into the security of your business is not a backoffice line item, but an essential foundational piece to your organization's sales, brand and growth strategy.

The Fulcrum Group has been ahead of the curve when it comes to cybersecurity, and seeing articles such as these confirms our opinion that cybersecurity is more important than ever. We offer customized solutions to best meet your organization's cybersecurity needs, while keeping forefront of mind your business objectives and goals.  For recent, valuable cybersecurity tips, check out our blog.

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