Post Covid-19 Vaccine Scams To Be Aware Of

Post Covid-19 Vaccine Scams To Be Aware Of

Health Departments and consumer protection agencies are warning about fraudsters posing as individuals conducting surveys or post-vaccine evaluations to try to acquire your sensitive or credit card information.

Here are a couple of key signs to be aware of that could mean you're being scammed:

  • A survey asking for highly sensitive, or financial information
  • An evaluation offering gifts and/or prizes for your feedback

Remember not to post a picture of your vaccination card on social media. Even though you might be glad to share your status, sensitive information can be contained in the image that you don't want to share with the world. Consider removing sensitive information from the image or sharing your status in a less detailed way.  With this kind of detailed  information that is showing up around the Dark Web already, cybercriminals can commit identity theft or use the information to plan a more sophisticated attack against you.

Watch our helpful video on steering clear of vaccine scams, here.  Check out other great cybersecurity videos we've shared on our blog here.


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