Work From Home Comprehensive Tip Roundup

December 10th, 2020
Work From Home Tip Roundup

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, for many months now, a significant portion of the world's workforce has been relegated to a Work From Home environment. While essential workers and others have returned, some are still full time Work From Home so we've got the most comprehensive list EVER of Work From Home Tips. For your convenience, we've summarized each area the article addresses, below. Go directly to the article and scroll to see tips from each relevant section.

Tweaking your at-home workspace and equipment
Staying engaged, focused and productive
Finding balance between work and life
Communicating and collaborating with colleagues
Maintaining visibility within your organization
Practicing mindfulness and self care
Transitioning to a remote-first culture
Job hunting when managers are remote
Managing a newly-remote team
Leading through tumultuous times

There is a tremendous amount of helpful information included here to help address the areas you feel could be boosted in yours or your employees' WFH routines. We implore you to read the article - or parts related to your circumstances - and start off the New Year (and may it bring welcome new circumstances) on the right foot. Who knows, you may even develop some great new habits to put into practice as "new normal" begins looking a little like "old normal" again!