Businesses Should Avoid These Work From Home Mistakes

November 24th, 2020
Avoid these work from home mistakes

If you’re planning to make Work from Home permanent after the pandemic, you could be making a big mistake for your business.  Work from Home is just one facet of Work from Anywhere. 

See our summary of key points below, and read the full article from the Harvard Business Review.

  • A Harvard Business School professor who has studied remote work
    for years says companies risk making big mistakes in a rushed moved to new
    employment models after Covid.
  • He referenced GitLab, a 1,300-employee company that has been
    fully remote since it was founded and built rigorous processes from Day One to
    make it work.
  • GitLab’s CEO says hybrid work models, which many companies now
    say they will favor in the future, can turn out to be “horrible.”