Moments That Matter At Work

April 29th, 2020
Moments that Matter at work

It's likely impossible that we can cultivate "meaning" and "purpose" from every single moment of every work day. Meaningful moments are more likely to occur in tiny bursts rather than during one ongoing, purpose-filled day of bliss. Studies have shown that if 20% of one's time is spent on work that is meaningful to them, they are less likely to experience burnout. Read more on these studies and "crafting" your job so that more time is spent on meaningful moments.

Here at The Fulcrum Group, we have learned to recognize and celebrate meaningful moments with our clients as well as internally. Fulcrum Group Director of Consulting Services, Bob Wierdsma has described a few Fulcrum Group Moments That Matter below:

  1. One Moment That Matters occurs during our Sales process, where customers have a chance to learn about our products and services.  How we present ourselves and our capabilities instills confidence that we are able to increase the value of their IT investments.
  2. Another Moment that Matters is during our Onboarding process, while our objective is to gain an understanding of our clients’ Technology, Processes and most important, their People.  The more information we can gather ahead of time, the smoother the experience during the transition phase from one IT provider to Fulcrum Group.  Our tools allow us to remotely connect to our customers’ networks, minimizing disruptions and time while collecting information.  Seamless and smooth Onboarding and transition is an important Moment.
  3. Team-specific Moments that Matter happen during our many interactions with and among our teams.  We actively solicit and act on feedback from our customers through satisfaction surveys.  Fulcrum Group takes our clients' feedback personally and we want to make sure we’re focused on Continuous Service Improvement to make both of our experiences better and to improve the value our clients receive from their IT investment.   In this time of change, as companies look to focus on their core competencies, we hope to create Moments that Matter with new customers by helping them maximize the value from their IT investments.
  4. Internally, our Moments that Matter are the cups of coffee, lunches, and (now virtual) Happy Hours for "Fulcrumites." Our committed teams work together to create Moments that Matter with you.