Solution SPOTlight: SPOT Protect Backup & Disaster Recovery

February 14th, 2017

During a client’s recent SPOT Managed IT Services Quarterly Business Review, we discussed the current backup and disaster recovery process.

After reviewing the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) for each IT system, the client determined that the RTO and RPO weren’t sufficient for their most critical systems (too much down time and too much data lost).  They were also concerned about Ransomware and other potential malware causing them data loss or down time.

We decided to implement our SPOT Protect Backup & Disaster Recovery solution, which is a combination of hardware, software, and cloud storage that provides a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solution.  This solution allowed the client to easily recover all of the most typical disaster scenarios, including:

  • Instant Recovery of missing, deleted, or overwritten files
  • 30 Min Recovery of failed servers (whether from hardware issue, software issue, virus/ransomware, or other server issues causing down time)
  • Cloud Recovery in the event of disaster recovery, in the event of a fire, flood, tornado or other building disaster

The best part of the solution for the client was that it required zero upfront cost, and was an add-on to their monthly SPOT Managed IT Services agreement.  In addition, SPOT Protect Backup & Disaster Recovery is completely automated, and meets HIPAA and compliance needs.  Fulcrum Group manages SPOT Protect Backup & Disaster Recovery for the client, and even performs quarterly tests of the backup system.

If your backup and disaster recovery solution isn’t meeting your requirements, or you just aren’t sure what your needs are, contact The Fulcrum Group via email or at (817) 337-0300 for a free backup & disaster recovery audit.  Also, make plans to attend our next monthly webinar on Tuesday, 2/28 - 8 Steps For Creating A Backup And Disaster Recovery Solution & Plan.