Don’t Get Scrooged This Holiday Season: 10 Tips for Cyber Safety

December 16th, 2015

We've compiled a quicklist of do's and don'ts for you for the holidays, so you don't get scrooged!

  1. Think before clicking links in emails, opening attachments, or opening too-good-to-be-true emails and holiday “promotions” from unfamiliar senders. Scrooged
  2. Avoid visiting business, banking, and other important sites while using guest wireless at hotels, coffee houses or public locations.
  3. Make sure your home and office wireless is properly secured using WPA2 encryption.
  4. Make sure you have updated anti-virus software protection (with regularly updated engine and signatures).
  5. Make sure operating systems have been properly patched.
  6. Ignore pop-ups that ask you to install antivirus software, and check with your internal IT or consultant.
  7. Turn off and isolate infected systems from the rest of the network.
  8. Never provide anyone any form of personally identifiable information in chat rooms, forums, discussion boards, or social media sites.
  9. Consider using web filtering for an additional layer of protection.
  10. Adjust web browser settings to prevent forced downloads.