From traditional, to just plain weird…Fulcrum holiday traditions

December 17th, 2014

Starting around Thanksgiving, there's a reason Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram are all bombarded with hundreds of Elf on the Shelf ideas.  If your family has succumbed to this additional holiday burden, you are likely more than aware of the responsibility for Elf relocation you take on EVERY NIGHT til Christmas Eve, lest you witness the face of your 8 year old crumbling in disappointment and holiday-magic doubt.  The idea being that your scout Elf flies back to the North Pole each night to rat on the kids' behavior to Santa and returns in the wee hours in a new household location. At first, my husband participated, gleefully hanging Buddy in precarious positions from light fixtures, climbing onto furniture to cleverly place him in high corners around the house for the added fun in the finding - even constructing little elf-sized ziplines made out of fishing line from the mantle to the wall-mounted TV.  Clever!

Well, 8 years later, the fun has run its course.  Maybe you can relate to this - finally collapsing into your warm comfy bed after a hectic day, teetering on the glorious edge of unconsciousness, and then your eyes suddenly springing open at the thought that your dang Elf hasn't yet moved to his new place in the house. So, with all those creative Elf ideas obscured by the fog of general parental exhaustion, you grab Elf and squoosh his annoyingly inflexible felt self into the nearest boring shelf corner, knowing that you've flunked the creativity challenge yet again.

Fulcrum Group BlogIn fact, here's where our poor Elf landed last night about 11:30, felt legs bent backwards unnaturally.  "Oh look," Charlie (my 8 yr old) pointed out casually this morning, "Buddy thinks he's a marker."  Then, the turn of the screw, "RJ said he found his Elf yesterday morning lifting weights on the kitchen counter.  The weight was made out of a toothpick with marshmallows stuck on the end and next to him was a note that said he's bulking up for Christmas..."  Maybe Buddy will be a more creative soul by the time the grandkids come along...

I surveyed other Fulcrum employees for some of their best holiday traditions and this is what they had to offer:

From Steve Meek, "No weird traditions other than brother-in-law comes and we always end up playing pool at a bar, a day or two before Christmas."

Maurice Estrello looks forward to his family's White Elephant Gift Exchange.  Do you have one coming up?  If so, check out these fun ideas. Who wouldn't proudly display a "Hanging With The Homies" air freshener in their vehicle?!

Here's a uniquely Tyson Rasanen one: "When I was little we put out cheese after seeing a Kraft Commercial (This I think) and we turned that into a tradition. Also wayyyy too much eggnog and orange rolls for breakfast!"

Understandable, Tyson!  We incorporate 'nog in any way possible around our house, too, allllll season long!
Here's hoping you're making some unforgettable family traditions this year, too...Feel free to share any of yours on our Facebook page!