The Fulcrum Group Annual Holiday Tech Wishlist

December 17th, 2014

Tech Wishlist Blog from The Fulcrum GroupWith more growth, comes more Technology Wishlist items this year from the Fulcrum Group crew!  Here's a rundown of the most coveted items on our lists this year and then some links for you to browse at your leisure:

  • "A GoPro camera is at the top of my list.
    Because I am just not annoying enough, trying to film everything around me with my smart phone."  Steve 
  • "A 3D printer, please." Maurice
  • "I would like a good mobile (for the car) and base (for the home office) 900 MHz radio transceiver and antenna.
    As an amateur radio operator, I am beginning to explore this particular frequency band and amateur operators have a vast amount of spectrum to use in this band (compared to other frequency bands we use). 900 MHz is quite active here in DFW!" - David H.
  • David J. would be thrilled to find under his Christmas tree any of the following: the Deathstar speaker, doggy flotation device and water jet pack from and at, the Inspire 1 Drone, Coolest Cooler and the ever-fashionable Belt Scooter!
  • "Dear Santa, I would like a Parrot Quadrocopter or a DJI one. I   would very much like to pilot it from my own Mech Suit . I then would like to go home and have Hue bulbs light up  in Orange and Blue as I enter  gloriously into my server room with a new Dell VRTX on a Network with a Cisco 5555-X Firewall and a fully loaded ASR 9001. Also somewhere in there I would love a fully loaded laptop, as well. Santa I'm sure you can come up with something." Your friend, Tyson.

If these ideas sparked your imagination, then dream on a little, before you have to go back to the real world...

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