National Cyber Security Awareness Month: Week 4, Cybercrime

October 21st, 2014


It is week 4 Stop Think Connectof National Cyber Security Awareness Month (we’re sure you’ve noticed plenty of reference to #NCSAM throughout our social posts this month) and CYBERCRIME is the word of the week.  Here’s a few good steps you can take to help, from

1. Report ID theft, stolen finances and other cyber crimes at the Internet Crime Complaint Center.

2. The Victims of Cybercrime Tip Sheet can steer you to the right authorities in case you (or someone you care about) finds their identity has been stolen, gets scammed, cyberbullied, stalked online, or is the victim of otherwise online malicious activity.

3. Stay up to date on recent online scams, and report suspicious activity at

4. Botnets are the one of the largest criminal enterprises in cyberspace. Keep A Clean Machine and learn how to protect your computer from becoming a bot.

5. Here’s great info on keeping your business safe from cybercriminals.

6. Use security software to scan all devices that you connect to your computer, including smart phones, tablets and USB drives. You can find recommended (and FREE) resources here.

7. When purchasing anything online or during online banking, use only sites that begin with https:// - the “s” stands for SECURE.

8. Of course, use make your passwords unique, long & strong. Some good advice on passwords can be found in Fulcrum Group’s various white papers (especially “8 Smart Things About Passwords, at the bottom) and right here on our blog.

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