Fun Fourth of July Ideas To Try

July 3rd, 2014

Happy 4th of July From The Fulcrum Group!Whether you're having a backyard bbq
or just piling into the family truckster to watch a local fireworks display
(some DFW favorite places here)...
Here's a few fun Fourth things to try:




  • Welcome guests over to the house with a few fun designs in the grass made from flour and a construction paper (or newspaper) template - no instructions here, just a pic.4th July ideas, family fun, Independence DayHave the kids come up with other design ideas.  A previously watered lawn + this muggy, non-breezy weather = ideal lawn conditions for this project.  Crayola makes a "spray-paint" driveway chalk that might be fun to use, in addition. While you're in the Crayola aisle, grab some Glow In The Dark driveway paint and chalk, too.
  • A $5 Walmart tarp, some colorful tape and a few errant tennis balls or Nerf footballs from the garage makes a great Carnival Aim Game. Have the kids go round up random fast-food kid meal toys to contribute to the "prize box" for little ones.
  • If you have the room, some of these games might be fun for older kids/adults.
  • Count me out of "Crowd Squeezer" but the "Blanket Run", "Obstacle Course", and "Hose Head" look like a fun time for all ages, here (especially if your grass is sticker-free and you live on a cul-de-sac, respectively).
  • I'd add POP ROCKS to the sprinkle mixture for a fun surprise.  4th july margarita The Fulcrum Group celebrates Independence Day
  • In fact, I'd consider rimming all the margarita
    (and other fun cocktails) glasses with POP ROCKS in the mix as well!
    If margs are your drink of choice,
    check here for a delicious slideshow of  every kind of margarita you can think of.



  • Whether you're planning on just stopping by the neighborhood block party with a side dish or are hosting it all in your own backyard, Food Network's Fourth of July food database will surely help you, if you're looking for some last-minute food ideas.
  • Easy-as-it-gets, last minute retro-fun for all - Bomb Pops, find them in your grocer's freezer section practically anywhere.
  • Finally, a fun photography trick from Tyson here at The Fulcrum Group:  "Set the shutter speed on your camera as high as it can go and take pics of guests 'drawing' with sparklers".  Also works with glow-sticks, which photograph quite like Star Wars light-sabers.

Consume with common sense, have each others' backs by lending your eyeball occasionally to kids (or anyone) swimming in pools or lakes, enjoy the day wherever you might be in America - and everybody wins! Have a fantastic Fourth!