That Facebook “Other” folder is more important than you think

May 15th, 2014

How many Facebook messages from co-workers, past bosses and friends have you not seen over the years? The number may very well be more than you thought, thanks to Facebook’s mysterious “Other” folder.

The hidden “Other”

New York Times technology columnist David Pogue recently explained the way the “Other” folder works. When users who aren't registered as your Facebook friends send you a note, they can either pay $1 or agree to have their message deposited in your “Other” folder. Guess which option most people choose?

Lost messages

Unfortunately, many Facebook users don’t realize there is an “Other” folder of messages, Pogue writes. As a result, many users go years without responding to the party invitations, congratulation messages or other missives deposited inside it.

Finding it

Make today the day you open the “Other” folder.  In the left-side panel of your Facebook page click “Messages.”  There you’ll notice a light gray “Other.” Open it. As Pogue writes, you might be surprised at the number of party invitations and congratulations you’ve missed.