How to Avoid Making Social Media Mistakes in Your Business

April 8th, 2014

Are You Making These Costly Social Media Marketing Mistakes?

Social media is a ripe ground for making connections, and also for offending and creating enemies. Understanding what you shouldn’t do when it comes to social media is nearly as vital as understanding what you should be doing. Here are several social media mistakes to avoid like the plague!

Jokes at other people’s expense – It should go without saying, but you must think before you send anything out into cyberspace for the world to see. First and foremost, don't try and exploit someone else’s bad luck or indiscretion to promote your own products or services. While a celebrity death or shameful scandal may seem like easy fodder for attracting eyeballs, you’re very likely to tick off as many people as you tickle!

Offensive statements and political rants – Closely related is the tendency to broadcast your preferences political, social or otherwise, which may have the misfortune of NOT aligning with your your clients and customers. Don’t go there! Keep from sharing anything that might be misunderstood, or you’ll end up scrambling for cover! Once trust is broken, it’s very difficult to rebuild.

Not making business only accounts – An account solely dedicated to your company has not only a greater chance of being found in the search engine results, it projects an altogether more professional image for your business.

No social media buttons on your website – These are readily available for all social media platforms, and you’re shooting yourself in the foot if they're unavailable on your homepage and every post you make. This will make it easy for your readers to share your content and in doing so help promote your business.

Not using the links from your social sites – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google all will let you link back to your website from your profile page, as well as from posts. This is an great way to create some easy, authoritative links that will help others find you as well.