Just how important has technology become?

March 27th, 2014

How important is technology in your daily life? More valuable than sex? For a astonishingly high number of U.S. residents, it is. That's among the more disturbing findings from a recent survey from Harris Interactive.

The power of tech

The Harris survey charted the percentage of adults who said that they could not live without certain items. Food -- a wise choice -- topped the list, with 73 percent of adults saying they could not live without it. A total of 42 percent of respondents said that they couldn't live without their cars, the second-place answer. The next four top answers were all tech products. And respondents deemed each of these tech products as being more important than sex.

Tech sexier?

According to the survey, 20 percent of U.S. adults said that they could not live without sex. That trailed the percentage who said that they couldn't live without television (23 percent), their computers or laptops (24 percent), mobile phones (26 percent) and Internet access (28 percent).


Should the results of this survey concern us? The Harris survey does illustrate how our world has evolved. Tech devices such as laptops and smartphones connect us to one another, entertainment and news. Some, though, might worry that tech is becoming too important in our lives.