Keep Calm & Get The Facts On Your Next Phone System

March 25th, 2014

Do you have heart palpitations when you think about replacing your phone systems? You may have some trepidation when it comes to re-evaluating the usefulness of your outdated, but reliable (or not), phone system. 

Here are some common fears we’ve encountered with clients and, as longtime VoIP specialists, our experience with addressing these fears:

  • My network’s not ready.
    Make sure you have switches with layer 3 routing capability and can handle quality of service to prioritize voice traffic. If buying new switches, consider Power over Ethernet.
  • I can’t afford any downtime during the deployment.
    If you have a traditional phone system currently, you can easily deploy a new VoIP phone system side by side.
  • I’ve heard that sound quality and reliability are an issue with VoIP.
    T-1 PRI still provides the best quality and reliability but with some planning, SIP trunking can provide quality service that is reliable.

We’ll discuss more of these uncertainties and how to avoid common mistakes when selecting your new phone system at our Springtime Lunch & Learn in Fort Worth on March 26th. Come with your questions (or just your curiosity) and get the facts about your phone system as an important business tool..