Download these business apps today

March 6th, 2014

It’s difficult to run a successful small business today. The competition is fierce. And customers are still hesitant to spend their money. Your small business, then, needs any advantage it can get. Thankfully, there are numerous apps designed to enable you to grow and maintain your small business. And the Orlando Business Journal recently ran a feature story highlighting some of the most powerful apps for your small business.

A mobile cash register

Does your business run several kiosks? Perhaps you operate food trucks across your market? Any business that operates mobile locations will benefit from the Square Register app. This app lets you accept debit-card and credit-card payments from customers just by swiping their cards through a small square device that connects to your smartphone or tablet. It’s required, as the Orlando Business Journal writes, for companies that conduct a lot of their business on the move.

The end of business cards?

Business cards can make your desk drawers and inboxes a cluttered mess. But with the CamCard app you can scan these cards and automatically save the information they contain in your smartphone’s contacts list. This is a great way to become instantly more efficient.

Asana Mobile

The Asana Mobile app is another one that no small business owner should do without. This app lets you post the schedule for yourself and your business. Your staffers -- those you give permissions to, at least -- can then open this schedule and see what tasks need to be completed during the day. Employees can also decide which tasks are assigned to specific staffers and those that still need to be tackled. It’s an excellent way to keep your business organized and efficient.