Just how important has technology become?

How important is technology in your daily life? More valuable than sex? For a astonishingly high number of U.S. residents, it is. That's among the more disturbing findings from a recent survey from Harris Interactive.

The power of tech

The Harris survey charted the percentage of adults who said that they could not live without certain items.

Where are the women in tech?

Why don't more women make careers in the technology field? That is the question that NPR recently asked in its All Tech Considered blog. This is a question that's important to business owners, as well. There simply aren't enough women working in the IT departments of small businesses.

Keep Calm & Get The Facts On Your Next Phone System

Do you have heart palpitations when you think about replacing your phone systems? You may have some trepidation when it comes to re-evaluating the usefulness of your outdated, but reliable (or not), phone system. 

Here are some common fears we’ve encountered with clients and, as longtime VoIP specialists, our experience with addressing these fears:

My network’s not ready.

Running a business? Signing up for stress

How many of us dream of one day running our own business? We fantasize about being our own boss, about making our own decisions and about building our businesses on our own terms. But usually don't think about the very real pressures that are included in running a small business.

7 Things IT Administrators Can Do To Improve Their Company’s Security Posture


When is “good” better than “perfect”? When it comes to your system’s security. The nature of a dynamic, growing network and the ever-changing threats to its security mean that your system is like a moving target. The job will never be completely done but you’ll always be in a better position by doing something – or more accurately, some of the right things.

These business apps can keep you on track

This isn't an easy time for anyone running a small business. Competition is intense. The economy is still sluggish. And consumers are hesitant to spend their dollars. To thrive today, owners of small businesses need to be organized. They must ensure that their companies are operating as efficiently as they possibly can.

Having trouble staying organized? Try these business apps

This isn't an easy time for anyone running a small business. Competition is intense. The economy is still sluggish. And consumers are reluctant to spend their dollars. To stay alive today, the owners of small businesses have to be organized. They must make sure their businesses are operating as effectively as possible.

Is the U.S. ready for tech changes?

Improving technology has advantages and drawbacks. On the positive side, it greatly improves our life. Just take a look at smartphones. We can now search for our favorite Indian restaurant, watch movies and search the Internet all on our phones. So what's the problem with technology? Sometimes it means the loss of jobs.