Why running a small business isn’t for the faint-hearted

How many people dream of one day running our own business? We fantasize about being our own boss, making our own decisions and about growing our businesses on our own terms. But usually don’t think about the very real pressures that are included in running a small business. Few jobs, in reality, demand the long hours and commitment that accompanies building a successful small business. Business Insider recently took a look at the negative impact that the strain of running a business can have on entrepreneurs. It’s a scary story, whether you’re starting a traditional small business or an online tech-based one.


The Business Insider feature concentrates on the story of Ecomom as a cautionary tale. The business started by entrepreneur Jody Sherman, and it appeared to have found a niche offering environmentally friendly products for children. Lamentably, the business eventually started losing money. Sherman wound up shooting himself. Soon after Sherman’s death, Ecomom shut down. It’s back online again, with a new owner. But did the stress of running this company lead to Sherman’s suicide?


The truth is, owning a small business is a pressure-packed task. The hours are incredibly long. The decisions you have to make are all big ones. And even you get everything right, there’s no guarantee that your business will have great results. Most small businesses, in fact, fail in their first three years.

Ups and downs

Business Insider compares it to a particularly scary roller coaster. Running a small business comes with a series of intense highs and lows. One day your business is bringing in new customers. The next, the crowds have stopped and inventory is sitting lonely on your shelves. It’s little wonder that so many business owners are under so much stress. The message here is that entrepreneurs who dream about opening a small business ought to be realistic. They need to be ready for stress. They should be ready for the down times. Running a small business is a major challenge. It’s not one well suitable for the bashful.