Some of the biggest tech failures of 2013

February 20th, 2014

The past year was not without its major tech disasters. And the Telegraph newspaper wasn't shy about trumpeting them. In its year-end look into the biggest tech failures of 2013, the Telegraph concentrated on three miscues that truly showed how tech can backfire when it's not properly tested or monitored.

To no one's surprise, the fiasco tops the Telegraph's list of 2013 tech screw-ups. And why not? Once the website debuted, it just didn't work. Consumers couldn't log on. And if they could, they couldn't find the insurance info they required. The website's failure is the greatest embarrassment of Obama's second term.

Travel foul-up

Online travel booking site Sabre had a rough 2013, also. The site crashed for just three hours last year at the height of the student travel season. This left thousands of passengers stranded at airports throughout the country, and lead to hundreds of flight cancellations. And just think, the site went offline for only three hours.


In October, consumers logging onto Walmart's website thought they'd found a fantastic bargain when they managed to buy computer monitors and other gear for just $8.99, even though these tech items were valued as high as $500. Walmart blamed tech glitches and refused to honor the discount deals. Naturally customers were angry. And if you wanted proof, you only needed to log on to social media.