What does $38 buy in a tablet?

February 13th, 2014

Remember when tablets priced under $100 were a big deal? Now tablet makers are offering their products at prices even lower. The big question, though, is if these budget-priced tablets are worth your money. Time Magazine recently looked at this question, evaluating the new Ubislate 7Ci tablet from Datawind. What's remarkable about this tablet? It only costs $38.

The bottom

There's been a long-running race to the bottom among tablet makers. Naturally, when we say "bottom," we're referring to price. Tablet makers across the country have been racing to flood the shelves with the least expensive tablets possible in an attempt to capture the business of the budget-conscious customer. The Datawind tablet beats them all in terms of price.


But what about performance? Time shares that the Datawind tablet doesn't exactly shine here. Time writes that the tablet features the same kind of tech specs that smartphones offered a few years ago. The tablet is hampered by by bad viewing angles, short battery life and a sluggish overall performance. The tablet only has 4 GB of storage, which means that you won't have much room for storing apps.

Even cheaper?

Of course, that $38 price tag is impressive. Time admitted this much in its review. And if you are budget-savvy consumer or business owner, Datawind's move is great news. This tablet may not be the one for you. Nevertheless the existence of the Ubislate 7Ci does prove one thing: Budget tablets are only going to get less expensive. You don't have to pay a small fortune to own a tablet any more.