Is the end ready for Windows 8?

February 4th, 2014

Microsoft’s Windows 8 hasn’t received a lot of love, from either users or the tech press. It’s no surprise, then, that rumors are circulating that Microsoft is preparing to kill Windows 8 and start over with its next version of the operating system. Woody Leonhard, a writer for the website of InfoWorld, recently had a look at these rumors and just what they might mean for consumers.

The rumors

Leonhard writes about Microsoft's Threshold project, the next wave of updates that will improve Windows, Windows RT, Windows Phone and Xbox. According to the rumors, users should be able to rely on Threshold updates to execute "high-value" activities across all of these platforms.

The versions

Leonhard cites a writer from ZDNet who claims that Microsoft is now crafting three primary versions of Windows, all of which should be more effective than Windows 8. First, there will be a more modern Metro consumer version, a traditional consumer version and an old-fashioned traditional Enterprise version.

An updated Windows 7?

Here's the hope expressed by Leonhard: The next version of Windows, whatever it is eventually called, will operate as an updated version of Windows 7. Most computer users liked Windows 7, and why not? It was clean, efficient and easy to work with. Windows 8, on the other hand, is frustrating and features a steep learning curve. A boosted Windows 7, though? That could be the best Windows news to come about in years.