The shower curtain of the future?

January 21st, 2014

Has tech completely invaded our lives? You only need to consider two new items to answer that question: One is a shower curtain that allows you to play music and answer phone calls while you’re sudsing up. The second is a pair of snow gloves that let you make phone calls and listen to your favorite tunes without taking a break from clearing your front walk of last night’s snowfall.

High-tech in the shower

The Huffington Post recently took a quick look at two of the most unnecessary high-tech gadgets presently available. First, the Post presented the iPad Musical Shower Curtain, retailing for $39.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer. As the name suggests, the curtain connects to your iPad or smartphone, allowing you to listen to music while you're soaping up. You can also use the device to make and receive phone calls. It's true: Telemarketers are now able to find you even when you're in the shower.

Snow removal, the high-tech way

Disappointed that your gloves do nothing but keep your fingers warm? Well, Beartek has the product for you. The company's Snow Gloves from Beartek, which cost $120, wirelessly connect with your smartphone. What this means is, according to the Huffington Post story, you can talk to your spouse without taking a break from your snow-shoveling duties. You can also use the gloves to make phone calls and listen to music.

Too connected?

These devices beg the question: Are we so dependent on our gadgets today that we can't take even a small break for shoveling show or showering? And if that's true, what does that say about us? Do we really want to talk about aluminum siding with that telemarketer while rubbing Head and Shoulders into our scalp?