Why is the U.S. falling behind in technology?

January 9th, 2014

Here's some bad news straight from InformationWeek: Evidently the United States is no longer a leader in the world of technology. In reality, the country is becoming a laggard, according to InformationWeek commentator Kevin Coleman.

The problem

Coleman chronicles that research-and-development, science and technology investments in the United States aren't keeping pace with those by other nations. At the same time, the United States faces an ever-growing threat from smarter and more unrelenting cyber thieves. These two factors are chipping away at the United States' long dominance in the technology world.

A falling giant?

There was a time when no country could compare to the United States in terms of technological innovation. Coleman writes that for many years the United States earned a reputation for mastery when it comes to science and tech achievements. The country continues to spend more than any other country on science, research-and-development and technology, Coleman writes. But that gap is quickly closing.

Others on the move

Part of the reason is that other countries, for example China, are investing more in technology. As Coleman writes, the BBC has reported that by the end of this year the United States will no longer be the top country for scientific output. Instead, that country would be China. Coleman also cites a U.S. Intelligence Community report saying that the United States' technological superiority is diminishing in important areas. The solution? Coleman says that we have to invest more in education, something that would produce more scientists and engineers.