Why you shouldn’t invest in a Chromebook

January 2nd, 2014

Does buying a Chromebook make financial sense? To this point, consumers haven't flocked to the device. And ZDNet writer Larry Seltzer states that there's a valid reason for this: Buying a Chromebook just doesn't make financial sense.


The truth is, the sales of Google's Chromebook are disappointing. Consumers still haven't embraced the product. The way Seltzer sees it, this is far from unexpected. As Seltzer writes, consumers today are smart. They want solutions to do many different functions. Unfortunately, the Chromebook doesn't do this, making it an foolish purchase.

Laptop/tablet hybrids

Seltzer recommends that consumers instead invest in hybrid laptops/tablets. These devices can perform numerous functions, with some, such as Microsoft's Surface line, running Office programs. According to Seltzer, there's nothing a Chromebook can do that a hybrid tablet/laptop can't already do.


So, just what exactly does a Chromebook do? Seltzer writes that its main purpose is to run the Chrome Web browser. The problem is, laptops can do this, as well. So this again begs the question, why would consumers use Chromebooks when so many other devices do what they can do plus more.