Tips and tricks for iOS7

November 28th, 2013

You almost certainly know by now that Apple has unveiled its newest operating system for iPads and iPhones, iOS7. The industry technology press has fully covered the new mobile operating system. But there are still plenty of tricks that you might now know. And these tricks, as a recent story highlighting them by Entrepreneur states, can make Apple’s operating system all the more fun to use.

More powerful texting

Do you ever need to know when someone sent you that important text message? This is simple to uncover with iOS7. Just swipe from right to left on your screen's list of text messages. When you do, you will see the exact time that the text message came in.


iOS7’s compass app is a particularly handy tool if you’re unsure if you’re driving north or south. But Entrepreneur highlights an additional use of this app: You can also transform it into a leveling device. Once your compass app is open, swipe to the next page. A leveling app will show up. And, yes, you can use it to make sure that bathroom shelf you are hanging is actually level.

A new search

Want to search for a particular app, text message or e-mail? You can. But in iOS7, this function isn't called search. Now, it’s referred to as “spotlight.” But no matter, it’s still the best way to find almost anything. You can use “spotlight” to search for specific videos, files, apps, contacts, e-mails or texts.