Apple on the way down? Maybe not

November 26th, 2013

Is Apple on its way down? Are its days of launching endlessly inventive products over? You might think so from the critics that have attacked the company, especially since founder Steve Jobs' death. But Boston Consulting Group disagrees. As Entrepreneur reports, Apple topped the consulting group's annual list of the most innovative companies for the ninth year in a row.

A big achievement

Apple’s rivals are no slouches, either, in terms of innovation. According to Boston Consulting’s list, Samsung, arguably Apple’s biggest competitor today, ranked second on the list. That’s up from 26th last year, according to the Entrepreneur story. And Google came in a solid third on the list.

Tech and innovation

Samsung, Apple and Google, of course, aren’t the only tech firms that earned top spots on Boston Consulting’s list this year. And that’s far from unusual: Tech companies tend to dominate the innovation list. This year, for example, Microsoft grabbed the fourth spot while IBM pulled in a strong sixth-place ranking. Amazon was right behind at number seven, while Sony landed the 11th spot.

Apple and innovation

The list is an significant one. As Entrepreneur notes in its story, the cliché "innovate or die" is a cliché for a reason: It's true. The United States operates in an information economy. Those companies that aren't constantly reinventing themselves and offering innovative new products will struggle to succeed these days.