Old iPhone? Microsoft will give you $200

October 31st, 2013

Microsoft and Apple have long been rivals. Now Microsoft is chasing after consumers who already have iPhones, offering them a $200 trade-in if they bring in gently used iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 phones to a Microsoft store, as outlined by a recent story by CJ Arlotta for MSPmentor.

The deal

Will the $200 trade-in offer work? According to Arlotta, iPhone users who trade-in their gently used phones will get a $200 gift card to the Microsoft Store. They can then use the gift card to purchase anything they want at the store.

Not a first

This may appear like especially clever marketing by Microsoft. But it’s not really a new trick. The company earlier offered consumers the same $200 gift-card offer for turning their gently used iPads into a Microsoft store.

The fine print

The deal does have some restrictions. Arlotta writes that it’s not unlimited. The offer expires Nov. 3. Secondly, the phones submitted can’t be password-protected. Finally, Microsoft prefers - but doesn’t require - that the devices have their power cords.