Don’t fall for these tech myths

October 15th, 2013

Think you’re tech savvy? Well, you’ve probably fallen for more tech myths than you think. For instance, Mac computers aren’t really virus-proof and emptying your recycle bin doesn’t completely delete the files it once held. And even if you’re using private browsing you’re still not surfing the Internet anonymously.

Not hacker-proof

Caroline Moss, a writer with Business Insider, recently covered some of the more established technology myths. One of the most persistent? The belief that Mac computers are safe from viruses. The truth is that they’re not. Now that Macs are gaining popularity, you can bet that a growing number of hackers are lining up to aim their own viruses at Apple’s operating system.

The recycle bin

Many users believe that emptying their recycle bins will completely destroy any files in it. This isn’t always true, Moss said. Deleting these files will clear up the space on your hard drive that they once used. But even emptying the recycle bin leaves behind fragments of files which could subsequently be retrieved.

Less private than you think

Finally, there’s private browsing. You may think that telling your browser to go incognito lets you surf the Web anonymously. It’s true that private browsing does enable you to surf without leaving behind virtual footprints. But the Web sites that you visit can continue to record your activity. And whenever you download files in incognito mode they’ll remain on your machine after you return to regular browsing.