You need to learn about your Twitter followers

October 1st, 2013

Having lots of people following your business’ Twitter page is fantastic. Sharing "inside" information on social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter gives your clients and colleagues some background on the people that make up your company and in that way, you can really "reach out and touch" your colleagues, customers and contacts. You know you've really connected with your followers when they are motivated to buy your company’s products or services, recommend your business to others or seek you out as an "adviser" on your subject of expertise. If you want to create these active followers, the Web site Small Business Trends offers some advice you'll want to follow.


According to Small Business Trends, business owners should try to learn as much as possible regarding their Twitter followers. They are able to do this by investing in software that analyzes their followers, software such as KnowYourFollowers, BirdSong, SoDash and SalesForce Marketing Cloud.

What They Tell You

This software analyzes your Twitter followers to provide you with tons of valuable information: They can tell you where your followers live, where they work, what other Twitter accounts they follow as well as how old they are. Knowing these details can help you create a Twitter account that more accurately addresses their wants and needs.

Why This Matters

You ought to tailor your Twitter posts to the biggest possible segments of your followers. Social media analysis programs will help you do this. Once you sharpen your message, you’ll dramatically increase your odds of inspiring your followers to get your products and promote your business to their friends and family.