Why would businesses need an Xbox One?

September 26th, 2013

Does your company need an Xbox One? Will the new gaming console make your office a more productive one?  Odd questions, since of course, the Xbox One is for gamers. But as PC World writer Christopher Null states in a recent story, Microsoft is pitching its new video-game console as a business tool as well as a gaming system. Hm, this kind of pitch - neeeeeeding an Xbox - rings a bell, only I seem to remember it coming from the mouth of my teenager...


According to Null, Microsoft, in a recent blog post, touted the way businesses could use the Xbox One. And Microsoft isn’t joking, Null writes, when the company says that businesses can be justified in listing the $499 Xbox One as a justifiable business expense.
Justifiable?!  Let's explore that...

Get it for Skype?

Here’s Microsoft’s argument: Businesses can use the Xbox One to hold video conferences through Skype. And they could also use the system’s SkyDrive support to keep presentations on the machine.

A High Cost

Still, it’s hard to imagine many businesses spending nearly $500 to buy a system that does what the majority of them can already do without it. But what about your company? Can you justify the purchase of an Xbox One?  I'll just bet that depends on who you ask.