Don’t want to give up Windows XP? You’re not alone

September 19th, 2013

The big day for fans of the Windows XP operating system comes April 8 of 2014. That's when Microsoft will no longer offer support for the much-cherished operating system. Microsoft, obviously, wants users to upgrade to one of the company's newer operating systems. But in a recent feature, InformationWeek writer Kevin Casey states that business owners are unwilling to make the move.


Why? It's a simple reason: Business owners and employees like Windows XP. According to the InformationWeek story, about 37 percent of PCs still run Windows XP. That's a testament to its long lasting popularity.

Still Chugging Along

Despite Microsoft's wishes, then, many users are refusing to upgrade to Windows 7 or 8. It's little surprise that Microsoft is ending its support of XP. By doing so, the company wishes to encourage more users to make a switch.

Your Decision

As a business owner, what should you do? If you really love XP, you might be able to carry on using the system. The only concern? You won't receive any support from Microsoft. A good alternative may be to invest in Windows 7. This operating system has won solid reviews, unlike Windows 8. It might be a good option for XP fans.