Tired of your screen? It’s time for new wallpaper

September 12th, 2013

How long have you been staring at the same desktop wallpaper? If it's been years, it could be time for upgrading. Luckily, the writers at the lifehacker Web site have listed some of the best places online to find free desktop wallpapers. Read the list so that you'll have no excuse for having a dull desktop.

Desktop Wallpaper Project

One of the sites highly recommended by lifehacker is the Desktop Wallpaper Project. The project, found at the art blog The Fox is Black, each Wednesday showcases the work of a designer or artist who has created an original image perfect for your computer monitor.

Two Monitors? No Problem

The writers at lifehacker also recommended the Dual Monitor Project, but only for users who choose to use more than one monitor on at the same time. The Dual Monitor Project, as its name suggests, designs wallpapers that are meant to be viewed together on more than one monitor.

Wallpaper Gets Social

Social Wallpapering combines desktop wallpapers with the world of social media. It's a surprisingly natural fit. Users can vote up or down specific wallpapers, so it's no problem finding wallpapers that have already received their fair share of thumbs-up recommendations.