The death of the PC? Not really

September 5th, 2013


You may think the PC era is just about over if you believe everything you read in the tech media. After all, the sales numbers for tablets are soaring. The numbers for PCs aren’t nearly as impressive. But in a recent story, ITworld made a persuasive case against the naysayers. The PC isn’t dead, ITworld argued. In fact, it’s doing just fine.

Job’s Quote

The “PC is dead” movement was driven by HP’s decision to leave the PC market. ITworld also references the comment by the late Steve Jobs that PCs are like trucks that people needed when they lived rural lives, but that today everyone drives cars.


We can all agree to disagree - even with Jobs. The leading vehicle sold in the United States every year is the Ford F150 pickup. Obviously, a truck. People purchase trucks simply because they need to get work done. And that’s also why they purchase PCs.

Tablet Limits

Tablets are great for many things. They’re not great, though, for those who need to get real work done. Ever tried typing a report on a tablet?  It’s a chore to use tablets to create spreadsheets or slideshows. But PCs? That’s the kind of work at which they excel. And until we don’t have to work anymore, we’ll need our PCs.