Bad press notwithstanding, Windows still top OS

June 7th, 2013

Quick: Name the most effective desktop operating system available today. Did you say Windows 8? If not, PC World writer Brad Chacos would like to debate you. He just recently wrote that Windows 8, regardless of its well-publicized problems, ranks as the best desktop OS today. This goes contrary to the trend, of course, with a long line of critics slamming Windows 8 frequently in the tech press. Is Chacos right? Is Windows 8 unfairly criticized? Have a look at some of the positive Windows 8 features that Chacos highlights.

More Software

Windows 8 blows away any other operating system when it comes to the programs and software that it provides, Chacos writes. No other desktop operating system can come close to the range of programs that Windows 8 gives its users. Rare will be the user who will ever use all of these programs. Looking for something? If you have Windows 8, the odds are good that it’s already provided by your Windows 8 operating system.


Windows 8 excels with regards to syncing, too, Chacos writes. The syncing ability is powerful enough to make Apple’s beloved iCloud look limited by comparison. Once you have an online Microsoft account, you can sync everything from files, photos and videos to browser specifications and desktop preferences to any other computer running Windows 8.

The Browser

It’s almost as enjoyable to complain about Internet Explorer as it is to bash Windows 8. But Chacos shows that Explorer has actually become a nifty browser in recent times, spurred on, perhaps, by Firefox. These days, the browser is both simple to use and customize. Moreover, Internet Explorer actually ranks as one of the most secure browsers according to computer-security company Symantec, another reason why Explorer doesn’t merit its bad rap.