Time to buy a computer monitor? Do your research

May 9th, 2013

Think size is all that matters when picking a computer monitor? Guess again. Different kinds of computer monitors boast different features. Some react especially swiftly to commands, and are, as a result, favorites among avid video gamers. Others recreate the sharpest colors possible, and are better-suited to animators and graphic artists. The message here? Choosing a computer monitor takes homework. But if you do your research, you can find the LCD computer monitor that works best for you.

The factors

The Lifehacker Web site recently took a closer look at LCD monitors. And, as writer Whitson Gordon says, size isn’t the only factor that matters. In fact, it might be one of the least important factors. According to Lifehacker, gamers might prefer what is known as a “TN” monitor because their screens refresh at a quicker rate. Graphic designers, however, might prefer an “IPS” monitor that features sharper colors and better viewing angles. The message of the Lifehacker story? You ought to do your homework before purchasing your next monitor.


You’ll find three main kinds of LCD monitors today: TN, IPS and VA. The Coding Horror blog recently sorted out these three types. According to the blog, written by Jeff Atwood, TN monitors tend to be the most inexpensive. Additionally they boast the most responsive screen times, making them favorites among gamers. However these models also have weaker color reproduction and less impressive viewing angles. The IPS monitor doesn’t have as responsive of a screen. But it does easily top TN monitors in color reproduction and viewing angle, making it ideal for graphic designers and other visual artists. These monitors, though, are usually the most costly available.


A solid middle-ground option for some users could be VA or vertical-alignment monitors. As Coding Horror says, these monitors feature good color reproduction and viewing angle capabilities. Also they are more affordable than are IPS monitors. The downside? Colors shift if you look at these monitors at an angle. Plus the response time for these monitors is only average.