Protecting your privacy is easier than you think

April 26th, 2013

What degree nightmare would it be if your tablet fell into the hands of cyber thieves?  How high on the worry-scale does it rank that a hacker could break into your online bank account?  How about the possibility that some of the passwords you may have floating around on online websites could be compromised...?  These fears are justified. It’s increasingly challenging for all of us to protect our privacy in today’s Internet age. The good news? There are some very simple actions that you can take to make it much less likely that your private data will be accessed by hackers, scammers or thieves. And a recent story by Forbes lists these actions.

Password Protect

Forbes recommends that you always password-protect your mobile devices. That way, if you ever lose your tablet or someone steals your smartphone, the thief won’t be able to easily access your device and the private information stored on it. Forbes compares password-protecting your devices to locking your home’s front door; it’s just a wise practice, and a reasonable first line of defense. For some excellent password tips, download our most recent whitepaper, 8 Smart Things About Passwords.

Online Google Alerts

Google Alerts are a nifty tool. Just tell Google what you are interested in, and every time that thing is mentioned online, Google sends you an alert. You can even tell Google to alert you whenever your name is thrown about online. This is an excellent way to monitor what others are saying about you on the web. By doing this, you’ll know immediately if your privacy is being violated online. Its also kind of novel to find out what kind of weird hijinx your "namesakes" around the world are up to.

The Sign Out Step

You just finished updating your Facebook page. Or, you’ve just transmitted money electronically to your PayPal account. What should you do now? Make certain, before leaving the site, that you simply sign out. This is especially important if you’re using a computer at a library or any other public place. You don’t want the next user to see your accounts and gain instant access because you’re still signed in. All of us are busy. But no one should be too busy to remember to sign out.